SelectableListView - Make selection work!

The touch screens brought simplicity to our lives. We can scroll, zoom and click with just a simple gesture, using our fingers. Showing it to me 15 years ago, would’ve make me think that’s an act of pure magic!

However, it brought lots of issues regarding the handling of touch events with other inputs, like keyboard or trackball. With keyboard, we can just press the Up and Down keys to select different items, and afterward hit “Enter” to click on the selected item, making it our “final” pick. How can we do that in a touch screen? If pressing an item on the list perform a “Click” action, how can we perform a “Select” action? The Android OS developers thought about that, and decided to create a mode, called “Touch Mode”, which handles focus and selection of items differently. More about it on the Android Documentation. Long story short - they chose to ignore the “selection” of list items in touch mode!

Their decision to make touch interaction simpler for the developer, limits the power of ListView (The old “Simplicity <-> Control” trade-off. Apple is well known for choosing the first approach most of the times). As I needed to make such Selectable-List, I had to find the right way, using the components given to me. The user-experience I was looking for, was that each click on a list item will “select” it, and there will be a different button to press in order to finalize my selection, like a “Set” button under the list itself.

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