pic I’m Udi Cohen and I like building things.

I started writing code when I was about 14 years old. Back then, I was experimenting with network security and hacking/cracking. I used utilities that other people in the community wrote, and was fascinated by the things I could build using a few lines of code. I started with writing scripts to automate things I did on my computer, and later wrote windows applications to help me with my everyday tasks (I wrote a nostalgic post about some of these early products).

I later found small devices more appealing - The challenge of writing code to work on such a limited environment, and the fact that I can “carry” the software I build with me, were the main reasons I liked it that much. It started with SmartCard development, continued with writing Symbian/J2ME and Window Phone “apps”, and these days - Android/iOS.

For almost 3 years, I worked at Any.do, where I was leading the development of Any.do’s Android client, and also for Cal - a finely designed Calendar app for Android. After that, I joined Samsung NYC, to work on an innovative and ambitious project. To our disappointment, it was canceled before being released, and that’s when I started my new venture - with Facebook.

I started this blog because I have many interesting experiences that I’d like to share with others. I like solving problems, hear opinions and learn more in the process. I was told that my attention to details helps communicating confusing and complex subjects to others, and I hope my posts are useful for them as writing them was to me.

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