Hey all,

This post will actually be a reference to an article I wrote about a year ago. Android is not the subject on this case, but it’s a very interesting C++ solution for a more interesting (and common) problem. Back then, I bought a new car stereo which was capable of playing music from USB flash drives. CD burning age was over for me! I dragged LOTS of songs to one of my available USB sticks, played a few songs, and when I tried to randomize the songs’ order - I’ve noticed that didn’t work as I expected!

Don’t you worry! As a dedicated software developer, I found a good solution to make everything work as I wanted it to be. To read more about the problem and the solution I designed for it, you are welcome to read my article in The CodeProject:  http://www.codeproject.com/KB/files/FAT-32-Sorter.aspx.

Hope you’ll find it interesting.


Written by Udi Cohen